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I'd like to share some things with you, things that may change your life.

Unfortunately people don't usually trust strangers, especially very unusual ones, and I don't deny that I am a out-of-the-ordinary.

My income is made as a journalist and photographer, and my idea of a 'good time' is writing songs  while dodging hurricanes or fleeing guerrilla rebels in Haiti. Are we so different?

This website contains more than eight years of journal entries, photography, poetry, music, and all else that I have made while traveling the world, locally and abroad.

Hopefully by laying these things public, you will be able to realize the internal similarities we share. And then perhaps the conclusions I have come to will seem more applicable to your own life.

Perhaps you will discover how OPEN life really is.


The Open Life Index //
Photo Archives/Photo-a-Day collection of images, boasting three years and more than a thousand entries from around the world.

Journals and Notes/The candid truth. I've scanned or transcribed more than eight years of entries... why? Read and understand.

The Silent Poems 1998 - 2006/
Anthology of original poetry, coming soon in paperback.

Published Books/Currently this is limited to my pseudo-children's story, "The Straw-Haired Girl" written as a christmas gift for my dear friend.

Recorded Music/"I tried my hand at song and tune, played sounds that made the bones to move.."

Theology and Issues/Writing and discussions on subjects that usually mean life or death. (Coming soon)

Professional Photography/Looking for a capable photographer? Rates and portfolio here.  www.michaelspotts.com

name: Michael Benjamin Spotts:.
age: 21
occupation: Photojournalist, Soul Winner
countries traveled:

phonetic email: "info at michael spotts dot com"
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